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Please fill in the form below to check availability or contact us via
Telephone..01733 261328 or 07759750042

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Why choose us? Here are 10 ways in which we do it.

1 - Spare machine
Unlike some other companies, we always carry a spare machine....just in case. !! Never believe a company that tells you that their machines don't break down occasionally. If this ever happens at any of our events..it isn't a problem, as we always have a spare at hand.

2 - We have years of experience.
This is not a part time job. It is our business. Our clients are paramount to that business, so we aim to be easily contactable, and aim to answer all emails within 12 hours (usually much sooner) We have provided our services at hundreds of events, both private and corporate, and can offer our clients advice during the organisational stages.

3 - We only use quality Belgian chocolate & dips.
We only ever use Barry Callebaut chocolate..which is the same chocolate as Thorntons use (so it must be good!)
We will only provide the best dips. Over the last few years we have tried them all and now we know where to get the juciest strawberries, the most delectable mini donuts, the most divine profiteroles.

4 - Gaurantee
Unlike some chocolate fountain companies, we do not outsource our work. If you book us, we will turn up to do the job. We have a 100% turn up rate in our ten years of operation.

5 - We let your guests dip themselves.
Let your guests get the ultimate fun from the chocolate fountain and dip for themselves. A lot of companies won't allow this! Of course we are there to help if needed.

6 - We won't let you down.
We have a 100% track record for ensuring that our bookings are served with one of OUR fountains. We do not sub-contract your booking to another company and we will not pull out at the last minute. Several of our clients have been very grateful that we could come up with the goods with very little notice, as they had been let down, by our competitors!

7 - We pre arrange our time of arrival.
We will let you know in advance, what time we aim to arrive at the venue. Usually about 90 minutes beforehand.

8 - Our operators are friendly, professional and smart.
We are constantly being told how amiable our operators are. They are there to help and assist your guests, and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

9 - We respect your venue.
Our job is to ensure that yourself and your guests get as much pleasure from your fountain whilst ensuring that the venue does not suffer by way of mess or inconvenience. We also try to ensure that the staff at your venue don't get overlooked, and dip kebabs for them to enjoy behind the scenes.

10 - Removal of your fountain will be discrete and unobtrusive.
When your fountain has concluded for the night the last thing you want is a long, lingering and disruptive dismantle procedure. We are one of only a few companies who can dismantle and remove from the room within 30 -45 minutes.

This is a job for the professionals.  Congratulations....you have found a TRUE professional